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988 FM Penang is the main and the central source of entertainment and the enjoyment which is the combination of two Languages Chinese and Malay which is widely known over the areas. A well known company Saufi Sopa (M) Sdn. Bhd is monitoring the broadcasts of FM 988 with the healthy development. In 1949, Radio 988 was started which regarded the main posting and advertizing cables broadcasts on station which is half of the percent of stocks in Re-diffusion was obtained by Arab Malaysian Group (AMG). During the old periods it was known to titles of Redi FM 98.8 but with the year of 2000 it was transformed into the name of 988 FM Malaysia.

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Radio 988 is gaining so many numbers of the audience from whole Malaysia and many other outside regions all due to of its development framework that is such as ‘languages’ of these locations. Now the awesome audience and fans could also enjoy the 988 FM on the internet and keep in touch with the route at several areas as Klang Area, Southern Perak, Malacca, Northern Johor, Kuantan, Pahang, Terengganu, Ipoh, Cameron and most of the places of Singapore with various wavelengths.
The respected audiences are every time welcome to visit and get entertained in the main Radio 988 headquarters which is situated at Tropicana City Office Tower or even can contact on the amount (603) 7885-1188. Radio 988 FM Malaysia on the internet listen all the time of day with plenty of entertainments, comedy, funny contents, joys and details media.