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Ai FM basically which means the “Love FM” earlier name was Radio 5 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 5 (Radio Malaysia Channel 5) is a national channel managed by RTM established in 1934. AI FM is broadcasting all of its programs and shows all for 24 times daily on weekly basis. Almost for greater than 6 decades, FM AI is Malaysian’s only Chinese Language Entertainment channel. The monopolies were damaged in 1996-97 when Redi FM started its transmissions as a trilingual FM Channel that was later on modified into a complete Chinese medium station.

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AI FM Malaysia is broadcasting the News from RTM details center on hourly basis, generally from 10-minute complete programs every odds efforts and 3-minute headlines for even times. FM Ai Aksi Program name “Love Talking World Affairs” tells also about the display on the national and globally present problems and details and it is hosted by Lih Jinn, Seow Fun and Seau Wei (Rachael).
Radio Ai FM also broadcasts the shows on Monday to Friday which focus on lifestyle with professionals discussing encounters and knowledge on lives of listeners, family members and relationships. Ai FM also working for a literary works and children program that is passed on Saturdays and Sundays.
FM Malaysia AI also offers a chance to get join up with another DJ to talk about subjects with listeners through SMS, Face book or my space and telephone calls. Its News will also be distributed on air together with news and entertainment of sports. During the weekends the channel AI also transmits the Top 20 Music songs of Pop and Top 10 Locally genre, together with shows on designs, fashions and the local the other entertainment field.