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Yes FM Sri Lanka Live


Yes FM Online Radio Live

The Yes FM is a British terminology personal place located at Colombo, Sri Lanka. Its route is managed by MBC Systems. This station is one of took in English radio channel with the aim of contemporary hit radio Sri Lanka Isle. Yes FM is also regarded to be one of the best music and enjoyment channel in country. Their DJ’s, RJ’s and speakers are most well-known due to their high quality applications. Yes FM is dealing with the has frequencies 100.8MHz, 101.0MHz airs a sequence of hit applications and reveals depending on details, enjoyment, discuss, music and other infotainment applications transmitted by this  channel. The young group exclusively attracted to this station.

Yes FM  Radio Sri LankaYes FM Colombo airs all their transmitting in jolly environment and offers their remains transmitting throughout the whole Isle 24 hours and 7 days. It daily provides the on internet from all over the globe in non quit loading high quality. The requirement of reasonable programs by the audience could easily be listen in the privileges of all southern sites to get and provide details and ideas. Fans also offered for an extensive range of passions, beliefs and perspectives; and a higher conventional of accuracy, equity and impartiality in details and programs that deal with issues of community attention. Here you can also enjoy Vettri FM 99.6 SriLanka Online.

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Vettri FM 99.6 Sri Lanka Online


Listen Vettri FM Live Online

The Radio Vettri FM on the internet is a recently released station in the nation. Currently this channel is known as Vettri FM 99.6. It is a personal and Tamil FM station centered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It transmitted their remaining stations online transmitting across the globe on the wavelengths of 90.4MHz, 90.6MHz. This FM channel performs under the control of Speech of Asia Program (Pvt) Ltd. Vettri FM was released in 2008 and this is the most well-known in the Tamil group as well as in the whole nation because of their high quality applications and reveals depending on enjoyment & infotainment. It’s best ever music place in many parts of the parts of Asia. This station gets the wide variety Vettri FM ratting in 20011 by LMRB. It used the globe best transmitting system and greater the most talented and knowledgeable technological employees.

Vettri FM 99.6 Tamil Sri LankaTheir DJ’s, RJ’s & Announcers are always devoted to offer exclusive and different interesting stuffs to their audience. It airs wide variety of music reveals and exclusively airs Oriental, Hindi, Tamil, Regional music songs. Listeners can also find the Vettri FM photos on this site with announcers, contact numbers and general details. Be linked and remain with us to pay attention your preferred Sri Lanka Vettri FM on the internet from all over the globe. If you have any recommendation you may easily contact us via email/contact us web page. Here you can also enjoy Y FM SriLanka Online.

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Y FM Sri Lanka Online


Y FM Listen Live Online

The Y FM Sri Lanka is a well known station present in the Colombo, Sri Lanka in the Isle. Y FM 92.7 route is a youngster enjoyment and music in country. Y FM 92.7 is a most ranked and took in FM station of the nation. It was released in 2005 and airs with the regularity of Y 97.2 MHz in the whole nation. It is purely a 24 times a day with jolly and charming gossips. Y Place is a way of lifestyle place across the nation. Their applications and reveals are most enjoyed in by the youngsters and they reveal a lot of attention in their sections. Their DJ’s and RJ’s are knowledgeable and their applications structure is changing on consistent foundation.

Y FM Sri Lanka

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Vasantham FM News Sri Lanka


Vasantham FM Live Online Radio

The Vasantham FM is a Tamil terminology and the well-known station in the nation.  Vasantham FM is the one of the channel in the nation which daily updates its transmissions all in the investment Colombo. It offers their transmitting on the regularity of 97.6MHz. This top ranked radio is aspect of the Separate TV Program Sri Lanka. Not rarely, Vasantham FM radio is so much fascination to know in the research, they do not think twice to travel lengthy ranges to come straight to the website of the research as this station is organized every weekend early morning. This station was released in 2008. Our team of dedication always try to offer details, discuss reveals, enjoyment reveals like; music & infotainment applications. And no doubt it is a genuine Tamil stereo which amuse their audience as well as possible.

Vasantham FM News Sri LankaVasantham FM Announcers

Vasantham FM choose the best DJ’s, RJ’s & announcers and greater the best technological employees to meet up with the needs of individuals. This radio use the globe best transmitting system and upgrade a nearby, nationwide & worldwide Tamil individuals group. Please leave your helpful suggestions and feedbacks so that we can improve our channel, your kind suggestions would be appreciated by our station holders. Here you can also enjoy V FM SriLanka Online.

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V FM Sri Lanka Live


V FM Radio online

The V FM place in Sri Lanka is regarded well-known and took in Sinhala terminology radio route of the nation. V stereo is broadcasting the online transmitting daily in the nation 24 times a day with the frequency of 107MHz. It on airs a wide variety of applications and reveals depending on enjoyment, discuss, music and details applications. Y FM 107.0MHz Sinhala is Sinhalese and Tamil group radio transmitting channel in the nation. This FM location possessed and run by the Lanka TV Program (Pvt) Ltd.Y 107.0MHz is a most unusual and well-known Sinhalese infotainment Stereo station in the nation.

V FM Radio Sri LankaIt can easily be accessed with such a unique frequency from the any part of the world. V FM DJ’s provides the chat; complete songs demand, governmental gossips and listeners might discover newest details relevant to their daily issues on this channel. Being a best Sinhalese system on the web we doing our best to amuse our fans as much as possible. Radio Y is broadcasting the most interesting programs on the globe and Tamil, Sinhala, & British individuals really like have fun with hearing programs on the internet on the web. Its music also developed to offer a proper and balanced and top quality life as well as the encounter of a fun, Here you can also TNL Rocks Live SriLanka.

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TNL Rocks Live Sri Lanka

Listen TNL Rocks Radio Online

The TNL Rocks Radio mostly and largely rocks with the frequencies of 99.2MHz, 101.8MHz in the Colombo Sri Lanka. With its whole power and efforts it is one of the excessively listen station in radio world of Colombo. It daily offers its awesome transmission in the British terminology. TNL Rocks FM is a personal station and managed by TNL Rocks Program (Pvt) Ltd. TNL airs wide variety of applications and reveals depending on enjoyment, music and infotainment. Furthermore it is producing such programs in the position which are highly effective to treat a wide range of songs.

TNL Rocks Radio Sri Lanka

TNL Rocks RJ’s are too much able to meet up with demands of the songs lovers. It exclusively airs music relevant to hip hop, traditional, remix, classic, stone and urban music to their audience. In Sri Lanka it is in the localities surrounding the Colombo it is also providing a best enjoyment system to their fans, peoples really like their high quality material reveals. Their previous name is TNL Rocks. This radio station using best transmitting system and sets up with most expert employees so that it can easily and whole heartedly can entertain the audience and make them happy as much as possible. It daily up to date its studio with the newest details & info’s associated with region. her you can also enjoy Sun FM SriLanka Radio.

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Sun FM Sri Lanka Radio


Sun FM Sri Lanka Online

Sun FM is the most popular Radio in Sri Lanka The Sun FM is an on internet English Channel in country. It is regarded to be No.1 Sri Lanka’s British FM Route of the Isle. Sun is one of the stations in product station of Asia Broadcasting Organization Private limited. This Sun FM airs their transmitting regularly in the complete locations of nation with its 24 times a day reveals. Sun FM 98.8 greatly offers the best enjoyment and home music system to the audience with its dedication to Tamil and Sinhala group all over the globe. The DJ’s are very talented and fast in completing the on call or SMS requests of the audience on daily basis for their love ones. This channel transmitted best applications and reveals centered mostly on Music genres, hip hop, pop, jazz music, mix, local, traditional, discuss reveals, details, present affairs and much more other infotainment transmitting offered by this radio station in the nation. The evening enjoyment begins at FM Sun with its top 40. Our fans now can also enjoy this station on one more easily tune able frequency of 98.9MHz/98.7MHz.

Sun FM Sri Lanka

Sun FM announcers never forgot to transmit best high quality reveals that enhance the social activities and provide the complete enjoyment to their listeners. It sets up the country’s best technological and knowledgeable employees as well as their DJ’s, RJ’s and presenters perform outstanding. Her you can also enjoy Sooriyan FM SriLanka Live.

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Sooriyan FM Sri Lanka Online


Sooriyan FM Live Online

The Radio Sooriyan FM is the heart touching station as every listener just love to listen the most motivating reveals provided by this station. It is situated at the most popular area of Colombo, Sri Lanka. It operates under the control of ABC Program. Sooriyan FM is a Tamil station which broadcast its broadcasting in the full region of Isle that is extensively transmitting with the wavelengths of 103.4 MHz, 103.6 MHz. This Place is also available on the Yamal 202 49.0° East satellite. With the concerning contents for the fans it is taken as the respective point that’s why it is the well-known and top class Tamil radio in Colombo  and provides the best completely free enjoyment things to their fans 24 hours and during the whole week.

Sooriyan FM Sri Lanka

This Sooriyan FM is also includes the World Extensive coverage and meet the needs of their listeners as much as possible. Sooriyan FM 103.4 radio with the web based programs includes the wide variety of enjoyment via their applications and reveals. Its programs include the stuff like Tamil Music, News, Talk Shows, and much more infotainment reveals. Listener can easily enjoy this awesome station in non quit flow high quality from all in the whole country.  Her you can also enjoy Siyatha FM Radio Online.

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Siyatha FM Radio Online


Listen Siyatha FM Live Online

The Radio Siyatha FM is a Sinhala terminology most highly entertaining channel in Colombo. Siyatha FM broadcasting its contents using the frequency of 98.2MHz in the every part of locality and the nation. All because of its charming talk shows it is also taken as the creator of the concept of growth of broadcasting community. Siyatha FM DJ’s try their best for every time perform smartly in providing audience something more than needed. Being a 24 times a day transmitting station it is managed by Speech of Asiya (Pvt) Ltd, offering all types of details, music, enjoyment and infotainment applications to their listeners of every type.

Siyatha FM Sri Lanka

Siyatha FM also has a special music zone forward who every time delivers a playlist of groups / performers from offshore famous, beginning with pop songs on, jazz music on, and sweating memory.  It was released in 2007. This Siyatha FM is a personal station of the nation. It is greatly working for the assistance of fans motivated by the recruiting in a innovative, powerful, and informative thus it is day by day increasing amongst the fast growth of details press world that progressively smart in providing information. If you require more details you may contact via e-mail at Here you can alos enjoy Sirasa FM Radio Live Sri Lanka.

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Sirasa FM Live Sri Lanka


Listen Sirasa FM Live Streaming

The Sirasa FM is determined to best growing radio route in the nation of Colombo Sri Lanka. It provides much more flexible enjoyment as opposed to other competitor stations located at Sri Lanka. We on airs our 1st nationwide broadcasting during the Dec of 1993 which is attended by the huge number of visitors that’s why it is very popular from the time of its starting. This Place used the most advanced technological innovation to transmit their transmitting via d/f sources. Sirasa FM is too much greater in providing the best technological knowledgeable employees and DJ’s as well as RJ’s and offer completely the new concept of digital transmitting with stylish applications structure.

Sirasa FM 106.5 Sri Lanka

Now Sirasa FM Sinhala become a most well-known and took in product on the globe for Sinhalese group fans. At the frequency of 106.5 station, Sri Lanka offers much better enjoyment transmitting and airs wide variety of music, discuss and infotainment reveals. Sirasa FM is also top ranked according to the resent study of National Press Survey in country. This is the most powerful backbone of MBC / MTV media operations in Sri Lanka. Peoples really like and appreciated their applications. It also has a wide variety of Programs Live On the internet in best loading high quality. Here you can also enjoy Singha FM Online SriLanka.

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