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Channel 4 FM is the name of the entertainment in the Dubai as its Station cover large languages and achieve all significant market sections of the UAE populations. It is located at Dubai Media City and with a package of companies in Dubai Studio room. All of Channel FM 4 systems are formed, investigated and designed to fit particular regional neighborhoods. Other then the daily issues of life we are also providing details regarding businesses of all sizes choose for multi-platform alternatives whether for FM stereo, electronic press or on-site promotions.

Channel 4 FM Dubai

Channel 4 FM

The online surfers could also be a part of and adhere to the Channel 4 at sites as Face book or my space and Tweets and appreciate it plenty of enjoyment. We are the biggest operator of channels in the Center Southern and offer a variety of high-impact regional marketing alternatives to companies in the UAE. Radio Channel 4 achieves more than 3.2 million fans from over 200 countries every day. This means we have the biggest listenership in the nation. You may also like Coast 103.2 FM Dubai.

Channel 4 FM is completely incorporated as an electronic material company beyond on air providing. All of channels are completely multi-platform, with original material accessible on the internet and via the newest phone apps. The place sites are strongly marketed on the channels. Online loading and smart phone apps are accompanied and enhanced by blogging, podcasting and active public networking. Channel 4 FM Dubai is greatly benefitting audiences, electronic radio allows for outstanding electronic sound and reception with visual text and data details, and new electronic only channels.

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