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City 101.6 is one of the most well-known FM channels of Dubai. It is young, unique and City 101.6 FM is the best Urdu/ Hindi music route on the ARN network exclusively for U.A.E People (Indian and Pakistani). This Funny and crazy, City Radio looks at the lighter side of lifestyle, tickling crazy and appreciates life requirements into comical little periods. Normally on FM its regularity is 101.6.

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The Dubai 101.6 speakers and other team members are having talent, much expert and competent with their job and obligations. Our audience could listen about all the details about company in the display whole the day, Monday to Saturday. City FM has also formed newest exciting and interesting experiences, medical concerns, financial tips and discuss on emotional issues in display Dubai Today which is bringing for morning time.

The fans of City FM 101.6 will get plenty of details and up-dates about rushing activities around the world and expensive around the world. The individuals who are seeking job anywhere of the nation and want to get career tips they have an outstanding opportunity for this operation that they can pay attention the display which is showed on FM City. Slogan : – Open Your Heart and Khul Ke Bol

It has also done the great work for our respected audience as they could also obtain its cellular Applications from the formal web page of the stereo City and relish the place everywhere on your cellular. Here you can enjoy the most listen City Radio 101.6 whole day and get package of information and details around the globe. You may also like Channel 4 FM Dubai.

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