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The commercial radio Hong Kong was established in 1959. This commercial radio network extended its circle by introducing three radio station broadcasted at different frequency bands. FM 88.1 is one of them. As it is clear from the name, the FM 88.1 delivers its transmission in the whole country at 88.1MHz FM band in Cantonese language. It features a 24/7 broadcast of news, talk shows, topic discussions, cultural shows and dramas, traditional music, phone-in shows, economic and financial updates and dedicational programs. It is basically a talk radio which was aimed to broadcast especially for corporate and executive class listeners worldwide. Due to its corporate nature.

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The Commercial Radio 88.1 is liked and listened worldwide by listeners belonging to different communities. All the credit goes to the talented and experienced technical team of the station who worked hard with devotion and determination to bring the desired success to the station. In short, FM 881 holds a great name in radio world of Hong Kong.