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DBC 2 Digital Family

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DBC 2 is an online internet based radio station in Hong Kong which is operated by Digital Broadcasting Corporation (DBC), Hong Kong. The station is in operation since DBC’s establishment. This Radio DBC 2 Digital Family is basically focused on entertainment and media promotion broadcast in Cantonese language. Its airs news, entertainment programs, weather updates, sports updates, health and finance programs, social events and current affairs. Their news broadcast is conducted every hour in the form of bulletin. DBC 2 has made a name in listener’s hearts by valuing them and providing them fully truth based and useful information. Thanks to superb efforts by DJs and RJs of this internet radio.

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The Digital Family also airs talk shows and analysis reports which also serve a vital role in station’s success. Due to this friendly behavior, the DBC 2 online is listened around the world especially among Cantonese communities.