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Everest Radio Nepal Live

The Everest Radio is like the evergreen radio in the whole Nepal as it a regional place catering to the preferences and prefers of the regional audiences. We transmitted info partnering with support, communication corner and likewise our everyday regional, nationwide and international information is showed generating from our place with Nepali Languages.

Everest Radio is working with the mission to conscious individuals and visiting their locations via our station. Our team always tries continues effort to give info and enjoyment to get individuals to believe that it is our leadership place in the Market. It has an aim to provide valuable info’s and accurate to the people. To complete its vision of the perspective of our place is to on air group foundation system, information and enjoyment unlimited.

In the daily planning in a mountainous nation like Nepal, the Everest Radio broadcasting has turned out to be a very efficient method for distributing information, educating individuals and interesting the public. It also recognizes that its primary obligation is to provide its audiences. These objectives are fulfilled with companies our favored applications. Hope you enjoy radio and listen also Dhawalagiri FM 98.6 MHz.

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