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Godavari FM

Godavari FM 87.9 MHz kailali Online

The Godavari FM is the well known radio station and in Nepal it has experienced news group. Our lengthy experiences in literature select your group in the Labor celebration. Our organizations have more individuals in the area, the variety of community status, demanding perspective, guidance and assistance because a few months, these days, and the daily stereo promotion communications in the area, significant through to become effective.  This Godavari FM is wonder if most of the area is hilly area of commitment and Basra, allegedly by a huge portion of the objection. The genres are all according to the interests of the audience and this station never disappoint the fans and daily upgrade its entertainment for its lovers.

Godvari FM LogoMoreover some at Godavari FM these days has observed that most of the daily choices to totally free air to get the position. Our applications are a blend of socio-cultural details and present matters especially targeted towards listeners’ choice of Southern Nepal in particular encompassing an extensive range of nationwide problems in common. Listen also Dinesh FM kailali News Live.

Godavari FM transmitted applications in various local ‘languages’ such as currently we are transmitting news programs. We have targeted our news mainly on reporting the activities of east Nepal with news of nationwide passions also. We are also the rebroadcast associates of the program division are synchronized by the Technological Division.

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