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Hits FM 91.2 a Brief Reputation of Hits is surrounds during the time of April 1996 when it just rocks as Nepal Pvt. Ltd.’s introduced its Hit FM position. It goes on air with its presently rocking music on air 24 times daily on Hits FM 91.2 Mhz. We are the promoters & panel of directors with the current situation of over 50 employees. Presenters are in the 12-40 age group (majority are females). It has a great vision “To become the best form of enjoyment media in Nepal.” With the same height of objectives like to provide quality full details and entertainment. To enhance local talent of the listeners.

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Hits FM is also working to institutionalize and strengthen FM Broadcasting. To provide the best quality medium for advertising to our clients. For increasing its ranking among the radio station it provides the finest great quality audio to its listeners with the biggest selection of music by the listeners. And it has great efforts to gather and shape the best manpower for the transmitting industry. For the assistance of marketers to get their value for money Hits FM is offering the easy access to its media. Its audience is full of target with above to average earnings group, different age groups. We also take care of our client confidentiality, core business, strong financial and credibility. Hits FM also acts as your partners in business!!! Meeting the Needs of Advertisers, dynamic and progressive program design.

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