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Hitz FM is basically working by the Street Group of Cruiser motorcycles (Cruisers in short) in Malaysia. The Hitz Station always tries to complete their responsibility to fulfill demands fans of the position and provides away freebies complimentary of FM Hitz. Radio Hitz also has a sis position that is a songs TV station known as Astro Hitz whose earlier name was Astro Hitz TV on Astro. On this amazing station every week day in the early morning, the Morning Crew’s will broadcast a content that contains the purpose of contacting up Malaysians and pranking them on the demand of the poor family members, buddies or co-workers.

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It is working with the slogan of Malaysia’s Number #1 Hit Music Station. On the larger basis the FM Hitz has provided a newer system, trademarked the Lie Sensor Test such as the customer being secured onto the chair and requested Yes or No questions. The process analyzes would either display true, incorrect, or un-readable. As Radio Hitz is the only station with such effort of system that’s why the Malaysians could demand to try out the lie detector test so it’s easy and sure would have to move by the secret headquarters to do so.
The Hitz FM Malaysia in 2005 was the Malaysian British Top 10 Prizes winner and was provided with the honor of the best of Malaysian English-singing musical show skills and arrangements. Airtime Management and Programming (AMP) also have already released three of its radio programs in Eastern Malaysia which also contains in Sept 2010 which was run for the minds and hearts of audience. May also listen 988 FM Malaysia Radio.