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Hot 96 FM Radio Kenya

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Hot 96 FM is the most entertaining Kenyan radio which released in its main town of Nairobi Kenya which is working from the last decade. The audience would listen to songs, details from the nation and worldwide. Our audience now can pay attention to awesome Hot Nairobi with the regularity of 96 MHz and can listen it at other places of the nation respectively.

Hot 96 FM Radio Kenya

Hot FM 96 would transmit your preferred issue successfully centered applications such as Saturdays and Sundays reveals as and greater exciting applications. In such applications fans could listen and stay upgrade all with every issue as top ranking films from its own movies market and also to the Bollywood/Indian and Hollywood/Showmanship. Hot also transmitting the details regarding movie budgets and expenses, designs, musical display activities, farming info’s, countries conflictions among them, terrorisms and its reasons and lot more components. It is also working for focusing on the British individuals who are residing in and other locations environment of the nation. You can also enjoy Radio Citizen Kenya.

Radio 96 FM would perform for lovers adoring songs, rocking songs, pops and traditional songs from its chosen playlists and also on the requirements of its dearest audience which are part of everywhere of the nation and covering the places. The place is much well-known in the whole nation all due to the concentrates on the Oriental group, reveals transmitting in British and Kenyan ‘languages’. The FM Hot Radio Kenya also knows well regarding the demands of the audiences includes their requirements and provides details 24 times of the days and evenings.