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Image News FM

Image News FM 103.6 Katmandu Live

Image News FM is one of the most popular news radio station of Nepal, On 14 Sep 2008 (29 Bhadra 2065) a 24 times info place, Image News FM 103.6 was identified. With the trustworthiness of Image Television and Image FM, together with the already current group of dedicated journalists and journalists, Image made the decision on another new project. It is dedicated to providing clean information and events from Nepal and across the globe to its audiences.

Motto :  “All News Always News”

The radio place operates with the slogan – “All News where information always plays the main aspect in all of its applications and discuss reveals. From present affairs to actions, from fund to organization, nationwide and international problems, to legal and enjoyment information, The Image News FM operate on 103.6 frequency, You may also listen Ilam FM Online.

Image News FM has it all. It is a unique system to get advised about immediate breaking info, legal action and expert views through difficult discuss and community discussion applications.  Image News FM is not only focused on providing governmental information but with community plan on its innovative it is also focused on providing developing information and up-dates of community problem. It considers in being the conversation of the voiceless with highlight on serious information rather than just sensationalized ones.