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Musyi FM is taken as the voice of Kenyan musical radio at Nairobi with the regularity of 102.2FM, Kitui, Mbooni and Kibwezi–103.6FM and stay upgrade all with details from every part in the nation through this system. Musyi FM 103.6 from Nairobi which was formed in the highly powerful and the most popular era of reveals of radios and includes greater places such as Western part of country.

FM Musyi has become more and more well-known in all the areas especially in mid and upper category group and having larger listener-ship over the area. Musyi 103.6 was the foremost managing of the radios that’s great struggle for becoming the reason of radio’s progression and improvement. It was truly skilled individual who took every part to grow its reputation among the individuals.

Musyi FM Kenya Radio

The Musyi FM 103.6 Nairobi performs number of well-known music moreover with rocks music, spirits touching songs, dancing, state of enjoyment and regional Kenyan songs by its well-known performers. The network of Kenya 103.6 also serves all taste of the individuals and airs over it in the development of reveals, various activities and activities and songs. Musyi 103.6 knows about every subject like as Foods, Birth details and lady wellness. You can also enjoy Truth FM Kenya.

Other than these contents it also cover the broadcasting of games and movies box office, latest scandals of celebrities, sports, love, technologies and much more from here. Radio 103.6 Nairobi has various shows named are main in the morning by RJ’s every weekday and get more fun and freshness in the starting of the day, listen hottest tracks.