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The Nepali Music Radio is the well known radio station of Nepal from local position which has extended its audibility security to the listeners in regions and its regularity can be heard from bordering regions as well. So it is not an exaggeration to say that celebrity FM has been a highly effective method for Information enjoyment, promotion and any-type of advertising. To provide enjoyment, education and learning, details and attention program under law and authorization of from well equipped advanced regularity modulation stereo transmitter.

Nepali Music Radio transfer the above program generating and collecting from F.M. The DJ’s and the RJ’s are highly capable of entertaining the audience with so many gossips and talk shows too. Our team is trying their best to provide the different applications subsidized by various individuals, organization, firm and Areas etc.  You may also like Narayani FM Listen Online.

The Nepali Music Radio is highly in the favor of promotion and details of various companies, so that to notify the commercial, expert, social, academic and civic actions of this area. It is also introducing secure and succeed the ‘languages’, lifestyle, kid literary works and individuals traditions that are prevalent in this area hence for making the emotions of mutual co-operation, relationship and fraternity among the individuals of different castes, terminology, religious beliefs and culture.