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PhoolBari FM 100.6

PhoolBari FM 100.6 MHz Nepal Online

The PhoolBari FM Radio is the most popular radio channel positioned at the point of Bardiya, Nepal. It is the main center of information segments providing the healthy interesting programs with full of helpful voices. Taking the responsible of being a high quality channel it also offer the advantage of creating and granted institution for contributing in raising attention of audience via the efficient, more useful and community-based programs among the all group receivers in Nepal.

PhoolBari FM 100.6 MHz

PhoolBari FM also attempts to provide useful, academic as well as enjoyment programs. In future we are preparing to on air program in more comprehensive way to reside in the heart of every audience. We are here to grant quality cooperative stuff with regards to best performance in content, administrative management, supportive values and norms and other activities among all cooperative in the whole District.

Every listener has been recognized PhoolBari FM 100.6 for excellent contribution to secure, enhance artistic knowledge and literary works among all listeners in Nepal. The DJ’s are often known for the participation to gather the maximum units of society, coordination Panel in the raise for the accessibility of natural group to spread their speech and valuable contribution to make reporter from natural via teaching approaches. You may also like PhoolBari FM 93.2 Mhz Online.

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