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Radio Andhikhola

Radio Andhikhola 105.4 FM Live Online

Radio Andhikhola is currently present in the most popular radio of the Syangja, Nepal. The organizations traditional qualifications cooperative principles and concepts of interaction, according to the supportive society Ltd. is via the co-operative organization identified the monsoon. Radio Andhikhola has been working well in the areas of education and interest, as distinguished reputation in the nation to earn and area communications industry, set up digital media without any intermediate situation in the town and its fit to stay in different Berg, religion, group, ethnicity, and financial commitment decision and initiatives to reconcile collective dissolution associated interaction is born.

Some Popular RJ,s Of Radio Andhikhola

Radio Andhikhola FM is establishing a few months as the foundation; handled FM and its surrounding climate, hill fires of Baglung, Ford mustang such as five from of the resettled individuals want night guidance and lavatory become extremely sought after across the floor. This perspective of our team shows the loyalty and also excellent subject for a certainty. In this place of interaction our DJ’s and the RJ’s are the vital part of our organizations, it is transmitting in the Nepali medium with the variety of genres even as it is to activate the minds, Listen Radio Baglung FM Online.