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Radio Dhurbatara

Radio Dhurbatara Samudayik FM 89.8 MHz Live Online

No doubt the FM Dhurbatara is the awesome and the heart touching radio station in the heart of Dailekh City, Nepal. It has too much fairness, balance and the main principle in the contemporary journalists. Under these concepts we are to be conducting the radio. It operates the system as you can perform governing Radio Dhurbatara in West Nepal Media, Journals and send their get panel the radio owner. Its article plan and industry and marketing concepts set nonbinding the radio function.

The team members are hired by executive director of the DSS staff and the administration perform mainly accountable officer of the control and operations of the Committee is hired all employees. Mainstream linguistic combination Radio Dhurbatara FM nationwide terminology Nepali icon of nationwide oneness as well as regional terminology and delight security and generous democracy via the media with the duties should completely identified part faith.

It purely has the Nepal transmitted applications and information programs to the original terminology, thus developing ‘languages’ are being transmitted. Major modes of way of life are farming, organization and small-scale industries and foreign employment is also one of the essential places for sustenance. The status of the individual development index seems to be low as the place to train and learning, health, development, technological innovation in farming along with the privileges of the limited continues. Listen Radio Didi Bahini FM Online.

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