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Radio Didi Bahini

Radio Didi Bahini 95.2 Live Parbat

Radio Didi Bahini is working as the main member of the transmitting channel in all over the locality of Kusma, Nepal. The air aims to enhance the potential of the females, especially the limited group, through power by ensuring their meaningful contribution in the radio actions. The aim of Radio Didi Bahini is to provide the facts and interaction relevant materials along with the sources linked with enjoyment to the individuals of this place.

Radio Didi Bahini FM

Radio Didi Bahini is the group FM run merely by the females which is showed in 95.2 MHz from Parbat area. Via this Radio Didi Bahini has been entirely handled and handled by the females, there is a desirable contribution of the male associates of the community when deemed necessary. The function of this radio has been one of the innovations in the industry of interaction in this regional place, being handled and handled by females. This radio is focused specifically to the four districts of Dhaulagiri area by the geological perspectives: Parbat, Baglung, Myagdi and Ford mustang. But the security of the system transcends beyond.

Some Popular DJs of Radio Didi Bahini

Dhaulagiri area is well-known for the locations with spiritual, travel and enjoyment and organic significance like Dhaulagiri Himal, the lengthiest and highest revocation bridge in Nepal, various Himalayan ranges. This place is also popular as an eye-catching and interesting place. The place has been different with regards to various cultural categories. You may also listen all Nepali Radios Online and enjoy also Radio Ganatantra FM.

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