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Radio Ganatantra

Radio Ganatantra Rapti FM 95.1 MHz Live online

The Radio Ganatantra FM in the city of Dang, Nepal is the first station for beginning the transparency with launch and autonomy without breaking community and without mentioning the situation of community must deal scenarios. It is open to community, legal situation and equality even wider passions of community someone does excellent to narrow the Radio Ganatantra applications should be focused.

Radio Ganatantra FM

Radio Ganatantra FM broadcast their programs in 95.1 frequency With the daily headlines and audio conversation of FM communications and the community and organization sectors seems to be renewable persons applied in the function of joint financial commitment and initiative. Feudal considering and ideology to discourage dishonest have fun with the hungry, the conversation of oppressed individuals conversation and circulation of information this organization was identified in the interval of conflict.

Radio Ganatantra DJ’s and RJ’s are commit for working under the demands of democracy, independence of press and independence of appearance, municipal privileges and community modification.During the concept of the monarchy in Nepal has started more exact it was difficult to set up Radio Ganatantra. We are also dedicated towards advertising democracy and strengthening the right to information, independence of appearance and freedom. Our editorial policy is balanced, fact and value centered literature is the full-fledged expert exercise of image variety of Organizations. Listen also Radio Lamjung FM Online.

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