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Radio Lisne aawaj

Radio Lisne Aawaj 103.6 MHz Nepal live

The Radio Lisne Aawaj is the top quality materials transmitting channel situated at the locality of Pyunthan, Nepal. Its programs are the prospective for the topic is, the station and the contribution of various levels and sectors, such as the comprehensive ideals of liability are given unique concern. It gives attention strategy being optional type of group applications to enhance the community and undemocratic are being transmitted consistent basis. The superstition and social deterioration, the difference with the purpose of finishing the program.


Radio Lisne Aawaj has being transmitted expectant mothers and kid wellness, meals, cleanliness; sexual diseases to spread attention about the healthy world such are being transmitted. In the same way, each of the kids, helping parents motivated the type of university are also being produced and transmitted. Sweat and dependent economic system, manufacturing and transmitted applications existing in the center tie crowded. You may also like Radio Jaljala 104.5 MHz.

Some Popular RJ,s of Radio Lisne Aawaj

Radio Lisne Aawaj contemporary farming program and its little combined mobilization of local resources to advertise group attention applications to bring the type of item. Industry, organization, finance, travel and leisure, farming, herbs, and hydro power relevant subjects, such as financial, and to advertise reasonable submission of the advantage concerned to conscious the transmitted content is with excellent importance. However, its natural resources indicate that the program should be to make sure individuals privileges has been a unique focus. Radio Lisne Aawaj DJ’s completely complete the requirement for visibility and responsibility, the motto of the stereo consolidating.

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