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The Radio Lumbini FM is the well known radio channel located at the area of Lumbini, LZ, Nepal. It is the first co-operative station in the south part of Nepal and operated by Lumbini Information and Communication Supportive Ltd. It is completely responsible towards the community and group. Radio Lumbini FM is impossible to imagine person as a distinct creature than other creatures in the absence of interaction and details hence it is working largely to express and exchange their thoughts, emotions, experiences, details humans have developed various indications of promotion communications like pictures, sculpture, audio, word, and script and efficiently developed the contemporary indicates of interaction as a result achieved to the age of digital indicates of interaction. Because of the rapid growth in the area of interaction, the whole communication market has converted into a tiny aspect of a group.

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Thus Radio Lumbini consequently, has been recognized as an efficient indicates of interaction in our community. For considering its contribution being a stereo, Lumbini FM has been recognized to be able to provide education and learning, details as well as enjoyment to the individuals residing in Lumbini Zonal position. It is also the first stereo outside Kathmandu area that is completely run by the local initiatives i.e. by farm owners, industrialists, educationists, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, reporters etc. It was recognized on 10th February 2000.

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