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Radio Mahakali 96.2 MHz Nepal Live Online

The Radio Mahakali FM is the high ranked channel currently at the location of Kanchanpur, Nepal. Kathmandu District Management workplace in Kanchanpur area applied 2061 authorized organization in West Nepal Media Academia Stereo studded owner. Sensational advertising of this new radio place potential is 500 h. You can listen this on 96.2 frequency.

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Radio Mahakali FM 96.2

Radio Mahakali FM is very common way of sharing information not only for one specific city or Area, It is dealing with the transmitting industry and the audiences of students. The air transmitted broadcast center in Kanchanpur location of limbs 95, and outline clearly be observed in places. Girl, limited of area and some places of McCartney is also clear. Nepal and space “to perform from cities simultaneously, also clearly listen to the transmitted. Focus on, Paying interest to the larger interest of community tinkering with receivers that concentrate on set.

Radio Mahakali FM DJ,s

Radio Mahakali FM is working with the flourishing community and the objective, is to get carried receivers following Correct, healthy and reliable information and advertising and informs the community. Our team is self-hood and useful for community, production and transmitted of applications. Our DJ’s and the RJ’s are the healthy members which daily provide the healthy enjoyment production and transmitted of generous democracy, Listen also Radio Makawanpur Online.

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