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Radio Resunga FM 106.2 Hmz Nepal Live online

The Radio Resunga FM is the top quality content broadcasting channel positioned at the locality of Tamghas, Nepal. True to its objectives of enjoying the part of defensive player of democracy, has efficiently espoused the cause of independence of the conversation, concept of law, desired sex interaction, individual and women’s privileges and part of youngsters in financial development throughout the past while the objective continues to be unchanged.

Radio Resunga FM 106.2 MHZ

Radio Resunga FM 106.2 MHZ

Radio Resunga FM transmitting the great genre of Nepali Talk which is greatly listens by the audience. What’s more, it has been setting group and community interest broadcasting standard in not only Nepal but in whole. This was substantiated by a crackdown on it during the royal regime in Dec 2005 when a troop of army raided out studio room and took away devices and arrested journalists on duty for merely broadcasting Nepal Support as aspect of the long-running arrangement with the BBC. A spirited fight culminated in the discomfiture of authoritarianism.

Radio Resunga FM RJ,s

Radio Resunga FM has emerged stronger than ever. But, as audiences of testify, it is the most well-known and credible one around. It is hugely well-known for reasons which variety from authenticity of information to healthy and applications. It is known for its expertise to perform community discussion on problems of community problem. Enjoy also Radio Rudraksha Online.

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    namaste ma chakra Dang bat.kin online ma regular sunidaina yo fm?

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    namaste ma hukum balami dagatumdada 3 baglung hal bhane india bangalole dhikhee malai yo radio sundha ramalo lagcha gharma jasti lagcha

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    namesker ma basanta malayisa dhaki

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    namaskar ma hal india dekhi mero man parne fm ho thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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    I like resunga f m

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