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Radio Rudraksha

Radio Rudraksha 103.4 MHz FM Live online

Radio Rudraksha is a FM radio handled by “Women power Mission (WEM),” in Nepal. This station purely concentrates on providing ahead great quality applications both to amuse and notify the audiences. We are dedicated to providing credible, impartial and precise information and providing the nation. This group radio is on air from 4th of Nov 2010. The air place having its place and transmitting centre at Jaleshwar -5, Mahottari is covering (Partial) districts along with Sitamarhi, Sivhar, Durbhanga, Madhubani, Samastipur (partial) and Mujaffarpur (partial) districts of Indian.

Radio Rudraksha Nepal

Radio Rudraksha 98.8

However Radio Rudraksha also  deals with a variety of obstacles and hardship arriving to it from both democratic and regressive regimes. But it came out effective in both expanding its mandate and workplace. Said conversely, it is itself a community strategy and saga of continual battle. It really came out as a player of the big league when it played an essential aspect during the totally free Separate Stereo Movement before the season 2005. That was the interval which saw group broadcasting arriving under the scanner with the ulterior motives of gagging the freedom of appearance of the group. It is purely broadcasting in the Nepali Language for the ease of understanding. You may also listen Radio Sagarmatha FM Online.