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Radio Sagarmatha

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Radio Sagarmatha FM is the location of Patan, Nepal there is the great station named Radio Sagrmartha which is established in 1997. It is the first independent group radio in whole South region. On air from 5 am to 11 pm every day from its studio room in Lalitpur, it has evolved as a truly independent and extremely credible group radio of Nepal. Sagarmatha FM had got the certificate following nearly 50 percent a decade of battle, with as many as 17 circumstances which must be adhered to. The circumstances included that transmitted information and present affair applications while also refraining from taking up financial plan.

Radio Sagarmatha FM

Radio Sagarmatha FM

Radio Sagarmatha is a Nepali radio broadcast in the country. The permit was issued allowing transmitted duration of two times a day using 100 h transmitter. Another situation was that officials problems which would type the system. But it soon started talking the terminology of the individuals by breaking the monopoly of government-owned radio going back. It started its objective by providing conversation to the individuals by respecting the right of the individuals to information while also providing them conversation so that they too can come up with their views on problems of community problem. You may also like Radio Sarada.