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Radio Spice 105.4 Dubai

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Radio Spice FM Dubai is the full of spicy entertainment and the news in all the locations of Dubai. Spice audience can now track a remarkable relaxing Radio Liven transferring on the regularity of 105.4 Megahertz stay of Dubai. The place provides you with plenty of enjoyment and comic at the same point where you will not think to go on another place. Radio 105.4 FM knows the taste of every audience which interested in different components and music.
Radio Spice Slogan : – “Fultoo Twisted’’
Radio Spice 105.4 Dubai

Radio Spice 105.4 provides you such programs which are full of Enjoy Fire & Liven Dance at the end of the week and listen stay three International and popular DJ’s Doorn Sander Van, Nicky Romero, and Armin Van Buuren with wide variety of music as Trance, Nederlander, Techno, dancing and pop. Spice 105.4 is broadcasting the exciting information and figures, loving and really like stories in ‘Jam @ Noon’ by DJ Bhairavi End of the week at 2pm, pay attention comics display known as ‘Sabki Paanch Bajegi’ will be showed by Garima on End of the week at 5pm. Enjoy also Virgin Radio 104.1 Dubai.

Spice FM Audience could now observe stays Liven TV at the formal web page of the Radio 105.4 Dubai FM and could be a part of the place at Face book or my space, Tweets and You tube.com. And the Spice 105.4 FM will post latest up-dates, crazy pictures and sections at its radio’s page on social websites. Hence stay here and keep hearing FM 105.4 MHz Dubai and turn into advised about package of components of the nation.

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