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Radio Tanahun

Radio Tanahun 97.2 MHz NP live Online

Radio Tanahun 97.2 MHz would like present itself an art transmitted place Europeanaspect of Nepal. In our Short time of transmitting us hope will certainly create a picture of more efficient Media in this area with includes more than 17 Areas, includes extensive places in the European aspect of Nepal.

We are identified our Stereo place in our well building and well prepared newest radio transmitted technological innovation around the globe with 1000 h transmitter developing the most economically spent F.M place in Tanahun. Its Tanahun district’s first Stereo for all. We have well qualified manufacturers and speakers capable to design any type of system according to audience needs.

DJ,s of Radio Tanahun

Radio Tanahun provide every present problem soon enough like information, discuss centered system discussions, phone-inns, Varity of music with system, socio financial announcement system & Social programs any more etc. pneumonia, and validates the lake: the most disastrous of the area with many pools and share known as the sending. This Radio Tanahun FM doing well in providing the info’s regarding the businesses spiritual, scientific and cultural significance of marsh place. Wetland Efficiency relevant scientific interaction demonstrate the Hawaii place to be out of the pond.You can also listen Online Radio Taranga.