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Shreenagar FM 93.2

Shreenagar FM Nepal Live

Every fan is aware with the Shreenagar FM located at the too prettier and the interesting place of Tansen, Nepal. Today’s era is the era of technological innovation, science and growth in the interaction industry is pretty modify for simply solving the problems hence in this twenty first century all with the latest technologies we are working for the progress and promotion of communications industry. Shreenagar FM has given the electrical fusing concepts via any incident and immediately efficient way of typical group for the audience for listening and to be got advised. Most of the companies after the multi party program in Nepal area center Shreenagar FM started to set up its influence in other places upon the moment. All due to its wonderful UNESCO ancient town it was first of all initially known as an experienced Shreenagar FM Radio on Apr 13 Dec from 93.2 transmitted programs at while in Kathmandu it started on 28 Dec analyze transmitted. Nepali literature, culture arts and featured on their own along with clauses exposed to various opportunities and with the purpose of interesting applications transmitted i.e. Juliet sunrise to late night 18-hour trial in their own individual lifestyle and recognize the photographs.

Shreenagar FM 93.2 RJ,s

The kid from this Shreenagar FM busily assuring the equivalent importance of the program to be transmitted to the audience initiated resulting in indirect and direct. Its team is working with the interdependent connection and the deceased during which the fans obtained the FM letter, email, telephone and fax messages obtained guidance and suggestions to reflect the desire to have worked.

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