Sri Lanak Radios Listen Online

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The Broadcasting of Radios in Sri Lanka goes returning to 1923. FM delivering, like other forms of press in the country, is usually separated along languages with condition and personal media providers offering contents in Sinhala, Tamil, and English languages. The Sri Lankan Radio Stations are very fast to broadcast the latest remix songs of advised performers to offer full mixture of entertainments, information, currents issues and the problems, daily life activities, enjoyment stuffs and uniqueness positions with development for a cross-cultural audiences.
Sri Lanka’s first Radio was broadcasted in Ceylon when documented songs was transmitted with the usage of areas of stereo equipment from an under taken German boat. Frequent delivering began in Colombo in July of 1924. On 16 Dec 1925, Ceylon’s 1st channel was Radio Colombo began regular transmission. In those days stations were only able to broadcasts the newer up-dated info’s and news regarding religious stuffs.
The channel was controlled over by the English army in the periods of World War 2 who relabeled the place Radio SEAC which transmitted across South Japan from Oct 1944. Then the Sri Lankan’s Radio stations were hugely well-known both in Ceylon and other areas of Japan. And that time the Radios were also formed to transmit the latest exciting and charming experiences of listeners, medical concerning media, financially strong tips and discussions on emotional issues.
Until 1993, SLBC (Sri Lanka Broadcasting Community) transmitted on methodology waves when FM delivering started. And finally by 1999, Ninety five percent of the Sri Lanka obtained FM signals. The Government managed monopolies on Radios Transmissions until the early 90′s when personal programs were permitted to transmit. And now in the present days there are so many personal programs although the state owned programs continued to control the industry. Sri Lankan Radios features a lot for their listeners and they feel to make the audience informed regarding the well-known religious individualities and tries to improve the lifestyle, ethics, ways of educations, knowledge and news all over the globe.
In Sri Lanka there are also so many International Broadcasters which operates radios channel with the purposes of entertaining the audience at Sri Lanka but broadcasting from outside Sri Lanka, and the most popular one are:

  • Radio Veritas Asia
  • China Radio International Sinhala Service
  • All India Radio
  • BBC World Service Sinhala Service (Sandeshaya)