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Dubai 92 FM is the most boosting radio of Dubai. Dubai FM with the frequency of 92, since the 3.0 decades ago its little posse began what could be termed as nothing less than the ‘Dubai Expatriate Entertainment Revolution’ but we were so much more than that. We won’t lie. In the beginning we were like a child with a new toy testing with a bit of everything; techno, dancing, European, pop, grunge blah. But then we had an epiphany. Now we have grown up and categorized ourselves out, we have come into our primo sensation. Take it easy folks, Dubai 92 is the same music and enjoyment brand you really like but so much better!.

Dubai 92 Fm Radio“What is it about Dubai 92 that is so compelling” as individuals ask. Then it is the extremely crazy on-air antics and it could be the brilliant music station for the lovers. Dubai Radio 92 is it the heavenly collaboration of an unlikely number of stereo individualities flowing out their spirits to the individuals each and every day, combined with music that is soundtrack to individuals’ lives. No one will ever really know but they feel it, we can assure you of that its is the hub of entertainment for them You can also enjoy City FM 101.6 Dubai.

We are now providing for you an amazing worldwide stereo known as stereo Dubai 92 FM live from Dubai Arabic Emirates which has gone plenty of listener-ship in the very short time frame period. The Dubai FM 92 station is providing you much interesting applications and reveals.

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