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Times FM 90.6

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TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is one of the top FM position in Kathmandu Valley managed by Valley FM Pvt. Ltd. located at Chabahil Ganesthan, Kathmandu at the Height of 1368 meter which is comparatively higher than other channels. TIMES FM is inclined towards the extensive range and varied program manufacturing. TIMES FM 90.6 generally generates the program which is currently in requirement by the audience via the extensive concept of programming. Times posses the resources and all the credentials to respond to its listeners demand. Communication community and the country should be recognized that it is. Firstly the glorious record of the wonderful tourist position of the old without issue after the census of digital promotion communications.

Times FM Kathmandu DJ,s

TIMES FM is broadcasting the stuff relating to education, wellness, cottage industries and travel and leisure industry despite numerous precipitations in the forums. In this occasion, before the country’s common group notifies organization and financial sectors engaged and the area is also designed to back up the boots tend recognized. Nepal Government Secretary of state for Information and Communication 500-watt transmitter has the prospective to consent to be able to begin transmitting its ability to enhance the 1000-watt. This Radio TIMES is younger individuals loving station in different styles is a nine member Panel. It has its foundation, providing importance to the great company’s goings.

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